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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The $0.30 Sandwich.

So, there's a Vons by the office that I go to every once in a while for a meal or whatever. Today I went there and picked up a pre-made rosbif (that's some Spanish for ya) sandwich. It came in a container with some macaroni salad, YUM, and a bag of fritos. I also grabbed a half-gallon of soy milk, store brand. So, when she ran my two items past the bar-code scanner they went beep....beeep, two items right? But my total was only $3.29. I told her that it wasn't enough and she looked at my receipt and when she scanned the sandwich she had actually scanned the bag of Fritos inside - $0.30.

Boom good deed for day....done! Now I can be a total bastard.

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