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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Banned from the she kills her mom.

I can just hear it....

Oh, the poor girl must not have been hugged enough. She probably wasn't given the things a girl her age needed, like MTV, a Cell phone, a sidekick, a computer, an Xbox, makeup, etc. etc. Poor girl was just a product of her environment.

Even though that environment just happened to be Scripps Ranch which is no slog of a neighborhood.

Her attorney will probably say something like:

She just wasn't being given a fair shake at life. Mom and dad worked long hours and sometimes the kids had to even cook their own meals. Her mother wouldn't let her go to the prom this year because her grades had been suffering. A travesty it is....that she couldn't go to her prom. She was driven to murder. It wasn't even her was her mom's fault. Jury, she was driven to hit so you must acquit.

In all actuality she probably wasn't spanked when necessary as a child. She probably didn't have any supervision, discipline or a sense of responsibility.

Here's the article of the 14 year old girl who bludgeoned her mother to death in San Diego with a hammer.

In California there are bills being proposed to ban spanking. So, during a child's most formative years, the proponents of this ban propose that you don't spank your child's bottom if they grab a knife, touch the stove, slap their parent, aggressively scream incessantly, or any other things I feel a child should be disciplined for. Nobody says you have to beat them over it but a spank to the bottom of a child under three (who usually have the protection of diapers anyway) may just work wonders. The punishment is more of a psychological disciple than a corporal/pain discipline.

I digress, this girl probably got plenty of love, plenty of material things, plenty, if not too much, of what she wanted and not enough discipline. She doesn't like her mom (just like most 14 year old girls) so..........she kills her. Brilliant.

UPDATE: Here's another link about the Dems bowing to the convicts/criminals of our country.

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