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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chalk a couple up for the good guys...

Here are two cases of self defense with concealed handgun. The first one was the owner of a chiropractic center who was responding to an alarm at his business. As soon as he arrived the armed burglars opened fire. He returned fire driving them away from the business. It looks like nobody was hit including bystanders. Nicely done Mr. CCW Chiropractor man.

The second one is a story of what seems to be a couple of punk ass kids getting what they deserved....some time in the clink. One punk ass, we'll call him PA1 threw a full beer can at the the CCW carrier's car. The CCW asked him why and then PA1 and PA2 threatened his life and began to approach him. He drew his weapon and told them to stop, which they did, and he called 911. PA1 was arrested on site and PA2 was apprehended shortly thereafter. NICELY DONE, MR. Don't huck shit at my car or threaten my life guy!

Mr. CCW Chiro guy story

Punk Ass Central Story

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