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Friday, May 30, 2008

Chicago Police Dept Shit storm

First, I really can't believe that cities can get away with this shit. ESPECIALLY cities that feel so self righteous as to BAN guns altogether because a couple of their seated officials think it's the best way to combat crime. Apparently there's been a rogue team of cops in the Chicago PD that were committing armed robberies and kidnapping people. The problem is that this is going to overshadow the numerous other corruptions that have been taking place in that city.

From Second City Cop

Scandal Goes Big Time

  • OFFICER HERRERA GOES PUBLIC - Indicted Chicago Police Officer Keith Herrera speaks for the first time publicly about his former unit, the Special Operations Section, members of which are accused of crimes including armed robbery and kidnapping, in one of the largest police scandals in Chicago history. Katie Couric reports.
Get ready for the biggest national shit-storm to hit this Department in the past few years, maybe even a decade. And the truly sad thing is that it will cover a rogue team of allegedly unsupervised officers and tar the entire Department with it while studiously ignoring the 15 people arrested for bribes last week, the semi-annual jailing of the aldercreatures, the crooked contracting scandals, crooked land deals involving Rezko, Obama, the mayor's nephew and anyone else connected with the chosen few.

Batten down the hatches.

I just don't get how the people let their cities get like this.

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