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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Crawford Defence

Wow, a journalist who isn't bowing to the liberal masses. She talks about the right and need to be able to protect ones self. She speaks on the fact that the bad guys have some serious firepower and that there are a lot of folks that think we, the people, the law abiding people, should have NONE.

Here's the's a great article.

See the comment section. Here's comment #2

"Hey Vicki, great article. You sound like me preaching to my grandkids about the true meaning of the second amendment, personal responsibility, etc. Unfortunately the liberals have infiltrated are society to such a degree that they are pushing this "sheep mentality" in our schools.....just follow, don't question and let big brother tell you what to do. My grandkids may joke about my way of thinking but it does my heart good when I hear them joking about "zig-zagging" while running if there is a school shooter instead of lying down and dying like sheep or using a sharp pencil to the eye of a rapist, etc. My grandkids have been told that when it comes to their survival there are no rules of etiquette and to do what they think is best, not what some politically correct teacher or school system feels is "correct." Perhaps if today's parents taught their children more about survival Cho wouldn't have been able to slaughter 32 sheep at Virginia Tech." -
#2 Posted by gramps on May 18, 2008 at 9:39 a.m.

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