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Monday, May 19, 2008

D.R. Horton - America's WORST homebuilder

In February of 2006 Jen and I went down to a DR Horton new home sales office. They were so nice to us and to themselves. They talked up their company like they were the second coming of christ. So, being the first time we've ever bought a house we believed them. Now, I think I am a pretty good judge of character but these guys were on the short list of people who could sell ice to Eskimos (or so we thought). Here we are about two years later and there are so many problems with the community that we're going to have to sue the builder just to get proper drainage in at least one common area. There's a "Tot Lot" in the center of the community that is a sunken basin of concrete with a jungle gym type of thing. Well, DR Horton decided that it would be a good idea to tie a bunch of sprinkler runoff drains into the tot lot drainage. That might have been a great idea except for one little thing....they didn't tie the drainage below that into anything! They ran the pipes into the dirt and that is where it stopped. They stopped it about 40 feet short of any drain. So, it backed up and overflowed and it was an absolute mess!! The streets that they put down have come up not once....but twice now. Some of the street lamps have NEVER worked in spite of at least 10 customer service calls/letters. Now, DR Horton isn't returning our phone calls. Nice. So much for being "America's Best Builder"

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