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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Correlations

I really wish the people in office would read a little history. Now, I'm no academic but I see some correlations in society today. Like...the correlation between an OUTRAGEOUS amount of crime in America and the "war on drugs". I see another correlation between the dropping age of criminals in America and the politically correct idea that we shouldn't be punishing/disciplining our children. I see a staggering correlation between the mass-murdering psychopaths and the "gun free zones" they use to commit their atrocities. I see a correlation between the knee jerk reacting liberal government officials at all levels and the infringements of our rights, including the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment, and the 4th amendment.

Can people open a book and look back to the Tens, Twenties, and some of the Thirties when drugs, guns, and discipline were still legal, our liberties were far less infringed upon and crime was FAR FAR lower than it is now?

Why can't the .GOV just let me treat my body however I please?

Why can't the .GOV just let me defend myself whichever way I see fit to defend

Why can't the .GOV just let me discipline my child/ren how I see fit?

Why can't the .GOV just let my personal space, person, or papers be?

Remember this?

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