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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lou - Recovery Day #1

We've decided to forgo surgery for the dog for now. Jen's been doing a lot of due diligence on ACL tears and surgery for dogs. She's found some information about letting a dog's leg heal itself by limiting the dogs activities and exercise to....none....for about two months. or....Non-surgical recovery for dogs.

So... we put Lou in the kitchen with one of his beds, some toys, and his food/water dishes. We used a child gate to block it off. We did it most of the evening yesterday and tried to leave him down there while we slept but he wasn't having it. He whined and barked every 30 minutes or so, until I finally went down there and carried him up the stairs to our bedroom where he normally sleeps (in his own bed).

It's hard. It's hard to listen to him whine because it sounds like he's sad or like he thinks we're mad at him or something. Mughhh that's why Jen and I say....with a really pouty face...MUgghhhhh.

We figure he'll need to be isolated or kept from activity for about two months. Wow, that's a long time for the dog to be in the kitchen. But, hopefully it will help and he'll be able to go on walks with us again some day.

One of the main reasons we decided not to go with surgery is that the outlook is somewhat bleak. Many dogs that have ACL repairs one one side end up needing it later on the other side - to the tune of $3500 EACH SIDE! Now, I don't have money coming out my ass or my ear, so we'll try the less "traditional" method. (I wonder how long giving your dog surgery has been traditional)

I'll keep ya posted.

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Jennifer said...

Poor guy! MUGHhhh