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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lou - Recovery Day #7

Lou really doesn't seem to be limping any less. He's spending most of his day(about eight hours) in his pen in the garage. When I get home, he is usually penned into the kitchen. Then, I take him to go poop at about 5.30 and then carry him up the stairs where he's penned into the landing. So as I mentioned before we decided to order a brace for our guy. We think that this will keep his leg stationery enough so that it might heal on it's own. I called Wound Wear On Sunday and was about ready to plop down the $345 for said brace. That's when the person on the phone told me that if I get my vet to buy it that it would only be $230. So, I called Dr. Zeiss at Mission Animal Hospital and he said that he'd look into it. Well, they placed the order for us yesterday. So, I'll keep the blog updated.

Lakeside Lou

Here's what we ordered....Looks goofy but if it works...who cares?

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