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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The new setup - Part Eins

I have decided, since we have zero gardening space at our condo, that it is time to get some gardening in. I love gardening. I get to be "one with nature" and grow stuff. It makes me feel like a sort of hunter gatherer in my little piece of the world. Someday we'll have some land to grow our food the right abundance. Until then, I'll use hydro.

So, first I had to figure out which types of hydroponics would be aesthetically pleasing for Jen. She doesn't want just any old ugly thing (like the old hydro) just lurkin' about. It's got to look somewhat presentable.

So, I decided to use 4x4 pvc fence post

I decided to use 3.75" net pots with about 4" in between each one. I started 4" in and every 8" after that.

I checked each marked spot for center:

and then used a Super Slider furniture mover that was just the right size to draw the circles and drilled a pilot hole in each one.

Then, I got to use some of my tools. I got out the Dremel, that isn't really a Dremel, a clamp, and the shop vac.

I cut out all the holes and vacuumed out the tray:

Next, I drilled a hole for the drain:

Next, I checked the net-pots for good fit:

More soon...


Sander said...

I noticed that you are growing multiple types of plants in one system. What brand/kind of nutrient are you using? I'm just building my first hydroponic system.

DJK said...


I use Aqua Vega A and B from CANNA. It's a binary solution. Works VERY WELL. It's WELL worth the money.