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Friday, May 9, 2008

No shotgun wedding here.... about 2002 I was awakened in the night by my live-in girlfriend. She was pulling my hair and literally pulled me out of bed by it. She was angry because she thought I was sleeping around (which I wasn't). She thought that because she had logged onto my Instant Messenger and started talking to people as though she was me. One girl that I had on my list from high school but never really ever talked to was online and chimed in. She said something to my gf like, "Your gf, I didn't kow you had a girlfriend." and that was it. That's when it all started. She pulled me out of bed by my hair while I was sleeping, she punched me in the face, I grabbed her wrists, she called her mom, her mom called the cops, the cops came and arrested me. She made sure to tell them about my shotgun under the bed. The Huntington Beach police decided to take that, why I don't know. It was in a case under the bed and had nothing to do with our incident. So, just because they arrested me (innocent until proven guilty right?) they gave me a restraining order. I feared the court and didn't have money for a trial lawyer so I plead to disturbing the peace. No problem...went on with my life and after my probation was over (3 years) I called HBPD to retrieve my weapon...."Sorry, we destroyed it. Any weapon confiscated in a domestic dispute is destroyed in two years." What? What right did they have to destroy my property? And...what recourse did/do I have?


Anonymous said...

Your fault dude. Your first mistake was to allow your gf on the internets in the first place. Computers are too complicated and there is just too much information for women to comprehend. They're too irrational and they get crazy when they don't understand. Next problem was letting the cops in to your house. If you were a true gun owner you would make them wait outside until YOU decided to come out. Finally, you tried to work within the "law" and plead to a BS charge. They don't know you. What right do they have to lable you as a peace disturberer or whatever?

Hold your gun, hold your girl and stay off the the interwebs and this won't happen again. God bless America. We are the chosen ones. Protect it with your life! Hunt to kill; kill to hunt!

- Norman Olson

DJK said...

Norman, who is Stephen? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME??? AAAARHAHRYAIerjoiweur08wfue09sjdf09sjdf9dsf (hair pull, punch punch)

Chad | said...

Haha!!! Holy mackeral. Thats unbelievable.

You gotta git outta mexifornia man. There are lawyers who specialize in gun rights violations and such. I'd look into a lawsuit against the Huntington PD.

DJK said...

I would just have a hard time spending $1000 or so to save a $200 gun. I agree, it's the principle...but I'm only up to like $0.04 in Google might be a while!