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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama's Wife

Man... Obama really can't stand the heat. He's crying over the fact that people are bashing him for things that his wife said. What a silly bitch he is. Doesn't he remember when Reverend Wright married them? Doesn't he remember the part where Wright told them that they are now together as one? Well, in my book, since I've always got my wife's back, that means that what she says....I say. I'm sure that they share feelings and she's probably just parroting HOPE and the AUDACITY that he feeds her. So...Obama, why shouldn't the stuff your wife says at campaign rallies and interviews about your campaign be fair game????

Even the Brits are laughing at him.

Ya know, I find B-Ho is mostly a self-righteous attention whore. So, let’s just get that out of the way first.

But this whole dust up over Barack Milhouse Obama’s wife is stupid. See, once your wife hopped into the campaign, shit she says is fair game. Period. Done. End of story. Too bad for you, she said some pretty stupid shit. Even our senator is getting in on the rebuke! But I’ll tell you why it’s dumb. Actually, I won’t because Rachel Lucas already has and it’s easier to just quote that:

What a dickhead. He can’t possibly believe that things his wife says at political campaign rallies are immune from criticism. As Hot Air pointed out, Barack himself has criticized Bill Clinton in the exact same way. And I will give each of you five trillion dollars if Cindy McCain ever says anything massively stupid and inflammatory on stage at a public McCain campaign event, and the Obama campaign ignores it because she’s the wife, not the candidate.

All’s fair in love, war, and politics. Put on your big boy pants and step in the game. Now, back to my regularly scheduled not giving a shit about Michelle Obama’s feelings.

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