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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pachmayr .45 ACP Snap-caps

I bought some snap caps for the Glock a couple weeks ago. I was stoked. So, I loaded them up in one of my magazines and holstered up. I drew, aimed at a predetermined location on my safe, pulled the trigger "CLICK", and racked the slide to reset the hammer and go again. When the snap-cap ejected it hit the deck and shattered. Wha????

I went to Pachmayr's website last week and told them the same story. This is what I got back a few days later:

We will send you a replacement. Next time consider our Azoom line of snap caps as they are made of metal and can take approximately 3000 hits.

Lyman customer service

Short and to the point. But, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Pachmayr, I appreciate the customer service. Never once did they try to blame me or make it into my fault. They just bucked up and are sending me a replacement. Well done.


UPDATE: Got the snap cap and a snazzy catalog a couple days later. THANKS!

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