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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sue who do you?

Suing the manufacturer of something that can hurt or kill someone is insane. Suing Ford because a ford truck killed someone is asinine. If that was legal....just about every company that produces something tangible would be sued out of existence. Let's go ahead and sue Post Cereal because some kid choked on Pops and died. It's crazy. Now, a ruling has come down in New York that says you can't sue the manufacturer of guns for crimes committed with the products they made. I think to any sane individual this makes total sense. That slope wouldn't just be slippery, it'd be straight down. It was just a tactic by the gun grabbers to try to control guns at the source. They really should have said that the companies that produce the metal ingots that get turned into guns should be sued...that'd REALLY get to the source. The big question...the million dollar question is: Why do the libs forget that PEOPLE have something to do with killing other people with guns, cars, ropes, knives, or [enter implement of choice here]? There are dirtbags drinking and driving their Ford into other people. There are scumbags who decide to kill people with guns for money. Why don't they just address those PEOPLE and not the object??? Meh.

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