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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

XBox - Oh how I loved thee...

So...there was a point a few months ago where I thought I needed to have an XBox. So, I went to Costco and bought one. Well, that XBox sure was fun and sure made me not want to do much else. I was "racing" before 5am I was driving cars on xbox. What a productivity drain it was.

About the same time Jen was asking why there were guns piling up in the bedroom. Well dear, where should I keep them? She said that she would like them to be in a safe place. Ok, I agree. So, one morning I boxed up that silly ol' Xbox (I had only had it maybe two months) and took it back to Costco. I traded that bad boy in on a kick ass gun safe. Here it is:

One Serious Collection

Nah....just kidding. Here it is:

The Protector

Not bad for $400, in fact, it was $399.99 just like the it was a straight trade. Not bad and THANKS COSTCO! It's got plenty of room (for now) and is setup to hold about 14 long guns, has two shelves for stuff (could hold about 20 handguns), a lock box, and some pouches on the door for more stuff.

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