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Monday, June 9, 2008

A breakdown of Obama's ideas on gun "control"

Here's a link to a great breakdown of a story about Obama's stance on guns.

He breaks it down logically idea by idea.

Here's an excerpt:

Ban gun shops from operating within 5 miles of a school

Now this is just complete stupidity. The only reason to create such a law is to be able to close gunshops. There's no safety advantage for the school whatsoever.

Ban resale of police firearms which include high powered assault weapons

I don't buy guns that the police have worn out. Nonetheless, I fail to see what you're concerned about such a thing. Police cannot sell a citizen a gun that the citizen cannot purchase (yes, legally) from a store.

Ban high capacity ammunition magazines that are often used by gang members in drive by shootings and not needed to kill a deer

Here's an idea - why not just ban gang shootings? Or shooting out of cars driving down the road?

Oh, wait. There are already laws against such things. Odd that laws against murder and prisons and death penalties haven't stopped gang shootings, yet you think microstamping will.

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