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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kombucha Comments

Since I am brewing some Kombucha tea I am also reading a lot about it. (I like to know what I am talking about) I stumbled across a blog related to Kombucha, how it's made, and what it does for you. Here's a link to a LOOOOOONNNNG list of comments from people.

Here's the link - Click here

Here's a couple samples:

Thu. Aug 04, 2006
Subject: Eczema, gastric problems, diabetes, arthritis.

“I was suffering from Eczema and with the help of homeopathetic medicine I could bring it down, but with the use of Kombucha Tea my skin is getting better day by day and returning to its normal colour. I was suffering from high degree of gastric problems and now (I am using it only for the last two months) it has considerably reduced and almost disappeared. Besides there is a considerable reduction in my diabetic readings, overall health position. I was also suffering from artheritic problems and this has also come down drastically. I recommend the whole mankind to use this wonderful nature’s gift for their well being and to build a healthy universe.”. . . M.K.K.


Thu. June 17, 2006
Subject: IBS, Colitis, Chrons.

“I just came across my previous testimonial from June 10, 2001 “I had Inflammatory Bowel Disease for ten years. I tried many alternatives…. ” Now it’s June, 2006, and I’m still symptom free. No doubt for me that Kombucha is effective against I.B.D.(Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s). Now I’ve learned more about the cause of I.B.D. and how Kombucha cures it. If you’re interested, search for “Mycobacterium Avium Tuberculosis”. Short version: it causes I.B.D. and Kombucha kills it. Not Kombucha pills or Kombucha tea bags, but authentic, fermented Kombucha tea.”… B.P.

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