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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lou Brace Day #5

It seems like Lou's had the brace for weeks now; he seems to be totally used to it now. He seems like he has decided not to chew on it or anything...maybe he realizes that it's helping him...? I say "he seems" a lot when talking about this...because he can't really tell me how he feels so I have to guess by his actions. We've only taken it off once, for one night. But, one thing still seems strange to me... this

From Lou Brace

This snap WILL NOT stay put. I don't know if it's a design flaw, a defect, or just that I got a cheap snap.

Here you can see that he's still a very happy guy as evidenced in this video:

Lou in Wound Wear brace with Helicopter Tail from Dan K on Vimeo.

UPDATE This shouldn't happen if the dorsal brace straps are pulled forward enough by the tether and the dorsal brace straps are tight enough. When the dog lays down there is no tension to hold it up but if the tether is tight enough the dorsal brace straps won't be able to slip back over and off the dogs rump.

Dr. Joel F. Spatt

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