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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lou - Recovery Day ? / Brace Day 12

Lou seems to be kicking ass. He's very comfortable in the brace at this point. We've been removing it every three days or so to let it air out and let him relax a little. We only take it off over night so he can sleep brace-free. He is limping much less now when we take it off. When the brace is off Lou licks his leg like a crazy man. He must smell it and want to smell natural again or something.



Elan said...

What was the long term recovery like for Lou with Woundwear? I have a similar looking dog ( with a similar sounding injury, and am in the process or ordering one of the braces.

You can reach me via email at elan at dailymango dot com.

Thanks a bunch!

DJK said...