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Monday, June 2, 2008

Lou - Recovery Days 15-18

So... Lou seems to be getting A TINY bit better. But, this weekend, he tried with all of his might to be a terror. I'm sure he's got tons of pent up energy and REALLY just wants to go play. But LOU, buddy, YOU CAN'T. K? So...he's kinda in the same place he has been for a week or so. Limping less than he was but having a hard time being made to stay still.

WoundWear has done an OK job at keeping us posted about our brace. They got hit by a tornado in Colorado were thus had to shut down operation for about four days. The owner, Dr Joel Spatt, called me after prompted to do so by a few emails from me. He assured me that they would get the brace out by last Friday at the latest and that he would keep me posted. Well....I haven't been kept posted. I have sent two unanswered emails, which does not sit well with me. Emails are quick and easy...that's why I like them so much.


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