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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My first handgun

Growing up, my dad had a couple guns. He had a shotgun, a 22 rifle and when I was in high school he got a Ruger 9mm hand gun. I shot that a few times and shot some trap when I got my own shotgun. My dad bought my brother and me each a Mossberg 12ga in high school. My brother might have been out of high school come to think of it.

Anyway, my exposure to guns wasn't nil but was fairly limited. I never opposed gun ownership or the right to bear arms but I never really thought much about the responsibility of protecting oneself and loved ones; my dad filled that role at our house.

Flash forward to the recent past. I was lucky enough to be gifted a Glock 21 and some long guns. I am very happy about these gifts. With such gifts/items come a great deal of resonsiblity. So, to keep our guns out of the hands of anyone but Mrs. DJK and me I bought a gun safe.

I have been burglarized in the past, while I was home and sleeping. I even heard them in the house but thought they were either my girlfriend (at the time) or a house mate just making some noise. Well, after I figured out that we had been burglarized, I was a bit traumatized by it. Almost every morning for six months or so I would wake up at about 4:00 am (about the time they broke in) and have to walk the house and look around to make sure nobody was lurking. However, even if they were, if they were armed I would have been at their mercy.

So, when I was finally able to protect myself, the feelings that I had the first couple weeks of keeping a handgun (the handgun doesn't sleep in the safe) for protection were strangely like the feelings I had after being burglarized. Maybe the latter feelings were manifesting themselves in the desire to protect us or keep us protected. I would wake up at the slightest of sounds and would over and over go through the catalog in my brain of known sounds looking for a match. Maybe I was waking myself up because I didn't want to be a victim in my own home when I did have the means with which to protect us close by.
I guess before you have a way to defend yourself in your home you might just sleep knowing that you have what you have, which is not much, in the way of defending your home/loved ones; your phone, your voice, maybe a bat or something and your hands. Like I said...not much. But after acquiring a way to level the playing field against any miscreant who would break into our house, I felt and feel different, I feel liberated. I feel like it's my duty, more so than before, to be vigilant, aware of what's going on around my house. The dog helps out, too. He's not really a barker (doesn't bark in vain or for no reason), but barks at sounds and smells around the house. He is far more vigilant than I am and has a far worse bite. That is...unless I have my gun. I'm sure that the gun's teeth are even worse than the dog's.
So, all this makes me wonder why the liberals are so hell bent on taking away the peoples' right to defend themselves. Why do they want us to be naked to the scum of society when that scum is surely protected, not only by a weapon but by our slipshod justice system that doesn't keep them off the streets.

As I am a new "writer" my thoughts might be a bit out of order or disorganized, I'm no Hemingway...well, maybe partly now.

While you're here....look around.

More to come...

Leave a comment, let me know if you went through anything similar.


James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Sean said...

Damn fine post. Review "Magnificent Seven", and listen to villagers words carefully. My own? Nothing yet. If you don't count VC blazing away at you in the middle of the night with a maching gun and you blowing claymores, firing rifle, and throwing hand-grenades. After that, a home invasion sounds tame. But that's just me. Taking scalps, I understand, is frowned upon, even in Texas. But a guy can dream, can't he?

Phillip said...

Congratulations on choosing to defend you and your own.

I recently went through the feelings of helplessness myself due to an unfortunate accident which left me with a broken hip. Strangely, it was the realization that I looked like a target when I went out that spurred me to get a new gun, rather than having my riding mower and generator stolen while I was at work one day. I guess I care more about my own safety than I do about my stuff.

Again, congrats on the new gun and the decision to protect yourself, and this was a great first post, quite readable. FYI, I wandered here from

Gaviota said...

My first experience with a handgun was my father's attempt to teach me, at the age of 11, how to shoot a Ruger Single Six .22.

It was okay. I liked it. But I knew that back in the truck was a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag.

I had seen Dad use it, and he was good. I wanted to shoot THAT gun.

So, after a whole afternoon of DadcanIpleaseDadpleasecanIcanIcanIhuh? he finally decided to shut me up and let me suffer the consequences of my own decisions.

He showed me how to hold it, what to expect, how to let it roll up in my hands over my head, etc.,etc. He set up a Coke can against the bluff about 20 feet away, and I was set.

As expected the gun recoiled and rolled up in my hands. The front sight struck me dead center 1/2 inch above my hair line. I went over backwards into the mud, Dad caught the gun, the Coke can was unscathed, but about six feet to the left, a 3" diameter cedar tree slowly fell over.

To the day he died, Dad called me "The Tree Killer."

I sure do miss him.

DJK said...


That was a GREAT story! Thanks!

Gregg said...

I'm glad you have taken the first couple of steps. In fact you have the beginings of a decent layered defense. Now is time for you to get some training. Unfortunately I do not know if there are any decent day training classes offered in your part of CA. Here in the desert of AZ we have various good firearms instructors where you can get basic and intermediate firearms training for reasonable cost. If such is not available to you there, then you ought to look into Gunsite ( ) Front Sight, Thunder Ranch, or one of the other acclaimed training facilities.

The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery is another good resource. While the writings of Massad Ayoob are very good, they wil obviously not substitute for hands on training.

As for firearms I did not get into firearms until my late teens, early twenties. However, I had been training in various martial arts for more than a decade prior. So, I did not go through the liberation feelings that you experienced as I had already been taught to be responsible for my own safety, and the safety of the innocents around me.

Oh, if you are a heavy sleeper, or there are mini-DJKs running around, you might want to look into something like a gunvault ( ).

Finally, you might want to look into a therapist who is using EMDR to help process the psychological trauma that has caused you to wake at 04:00. Naturally you ought to look into the possible repurcussions of that therapy as regards the NICS Improvement act. (Which is one reason I was vehemently opposed to the NICS "Improvement" as it could keep people from accessing the therapy that could be helpfull.)

Anyway, good start and I wish you well on your journey.

Anonymous said...

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