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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My first reloads ever...

So, I got the garage organized and ready for a reloading bench. I setup everything up and loaded my first four rounds ever. Well, I deprimed five cases but only loaded four. That's because I put a primer in upside down and wasn't sure if I should try to deprime it. I wasn't sure if that would compress the primer enough to ignite it. So, it went in the trash can.

Since I didn't get .45 dies in my newly acquired press setup, I loaded four .38 spl wadcutters. here they are....

3.2 grn sure doesn't seem like much powder....

Why is the lead pouring over the edge of the case on the round farthest to the left?

Here's the workbench:

From Reloading Stuff


Bull Jones said...

Thanks for visiting The Bull Speaks!

That excess lead, (without seeing what you are doing first-hand), would seem to be lead that was shaved from the bullet as it was seated - or smeared when the bullets were crimped. If the first, you can eliminate this issue by slightly expanding (belling) the mouth of the case before inserting the bullet. Lead bullets require more of a 'bell' than do jacketed bullets.

As to that upside-down primer: It happens. You can save the case by killing the primer. I do this by dropping the case in a glass of water for a while, shaking occasionally to clear air bubbles. Then you put some oil into the primer. A few minutes later you can ease that primer right out, saving the case, and teaching yourself a big lesson in taking care while reloading.

It's a great and rewarding hobby that will save you tons - assuming the Liberals don't go all out of a ban.


DJK said...

Bull, Thanks for the tips. It was the former, I need to bell the case mouth.

Thanks for the comment!