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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nanny Statist charlatan Barack Obama

Liberty Sphere talks about those that so fervently support someone who is duping them...

Here's the link to the article

Early in this year's Presidential campaign the candidate stated that the D.C. gun ban was appropriate and passed the Constitutional test.

He was wrong, according to the Court.

But he hopes his supporters have forgotten that. Most of them have, or least they are engaging in denial in the midst of their starry-eyed gaze into the face of their beloved Obamessiah.

With foreign oil rising to record prices on the open market, the only thing that will help bring down the price of gasoline is for Americans to develop and use our own resources here at home.

Sure, new technologies that utilize solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell, bio-diesel, and electric energy are important. But none of these will be ready to sustain the nation's energy needs for another 10 years at least.

The cold, hard fact is that we need the oil. And we have it.

But Barack opposes drilling for it. He opposes building new refineries. He opposes nuclear power, which is one of the cleanest sources of energy we have.

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