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Saturday, June 7, 2008

New SCOBY for Kombucha.

So...I was getting tired of waiting for the batch of Kombucha to produce a SCOBY from "scratch". So, I got online and found a guy, a 'brewer', in Carlsbad who had some SCOBYs for sale. So I went and picked a big fat daddy that I was able to split into two for $10. I cut it in half and put one half into my existing batch. I put the other two halfs (this is when I realized that it was actually two SCOBYs) into two other containers of the same batch. I did that because I don't have any more large glass containers. Target wanted $20 for a 2.5 gallon thanks. Not when I can get a one gallon jar full of delicious pickles in it from Costco for less than seven bucks. So, off to Costco I go...tomorrow. Here's a pic for now, you can see the Scobers in each container.

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Hannah Crum said...

all of my brews are in Costco pickle jars.