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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nutter, now you're preaching to the just don't believe what you're saying...

Apparently people like Philly Mayor Nutter has really been a pro gunner freedom advocate all along... He just didn't know it.

Here's what he says about the Heller decision in this article:
"What the Supreme Court decision speaks to is an individual's right to keep a weapon in their home for lawful self-defense purposes. What we are seeing on the streets of Philadelphia, of course, is not self defense. It is senseless violence and slaughter. What we are dealing with is not lawful ownership, but rather illegal activity."

The BIG PROBLEM here is that this isn't what he's been saying... He's been saying that the NRA should apologize when people are killed by criminals. He's been wanting to ban competition sport rifles/handguns. Does that sound like he's not been dealing with lawful ownership? The lies, the pandering, the hypocrisy of these politicians makes me ill.

"As much as we are concerned about an individual's right to own their own weapon, we are more concerned with cracking down on activity that is actually illegal."

It seems, at the expense of the individual who decidedly has the right to own their own weapon/s.

"In limiting its opinion to the matter of self-defense, and in saying the right is not absolute, the United States Supreme Court decision today is an explicit statement of support for cities all across America who are creating reasonable measures to limit the ability of those who will do harm, who will maim, who will buy, carry weapons illegally."


"This is extraordinary and possibly an unprecedented statement by the U.S. Supreme Court."

And twisting things to seem like they favor his own agenda. Damn, how do these people stay in office?? Nutter and Helmke must sleep together. "Possibly unprecedented"?? Has he been sleeping under a rock or possible under Paul Helmke? Heyyyy THOSE AREN'T PILLOWS!!!

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