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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama and Mugabe, what do they have in common?

Obama and Mugabe, what do they have in common? More than you might think... I'll stick to one thing that they have in common....the disarming of a people. Mugabe disarmed his people....then began torturing them and then started killing them. Then, had maniacal nerve to ask, "How are they gonna fight us, with ball point pens? We have guns." about his dissidents.

Well, this is what Obama wants to do... disarm the people. Does that mean that HE will have us executed? I don't know...but he sure will set the stage for it to happen. Disarmed people are far easier to take advantage of than armed ones. So, other than being elitist egomaniacs they both want to disarm and control people.

No thanks....keep the change.

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