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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"People might actually think they can defend themselves"

An annotation of a paragraph from this article: DC Gun Rights: Do You Want This Next to Your Bed? - By Harry Jaffe

Shanda Smith: “I buried two kids”

Shanda Smith offers a streetwise argument against loosening the District’s gun-control laws: “I have two teenage sons,” she says. “Why would I want a gun in the house?”

Maybe because the gang bangers that killed your gang banger kids might want to come kill you and you might want to protect your other two children

But what if legalized guns had to remain in people’s homes?

Uh, they do...unless you have a CCW and can carry it outside of your home.

“They’re going to wind up on the street,” she says. “If residents of Maryland and Virginia can’t hold onto their guns, and these weapons wind up on the streets of our city, what makes you think DC residents will do any better?

So, if people can't stop scumbags from stealing their stuff ,which a gun would actually help you do, is Ms. Shanda insinuating that it's the gun owners' fault? There would be less burglaries if the bad guys thought that you might be able to defend yourself. As it is, in DC, you are supposed to leave your house and let the burglar/robber take whatever they want. Does that make any sense??? That's a slap to the face of the residents of DC. Who would pass laws like that??? OH yah...people that have taxpayer sponsored armed security 24/7.

“If the Supreme Court lifts the gun ban, you are going to have a serious war,” she says. “Everybody will think they can defend themselves. There will be more shootings, more killings.”

Heaven-tabetsies, Carl.... People might actually THINK they can defend themselves. They can't go around defending themselves now can they. That'd be crazy. To think that people would actually want to keep living and possessing their possessions.


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