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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pulling the wool over....

It's pretty easy to grab a picture of someone with a shotgun and put it on a website with a blurb about how the people in the picture are standing proud for Obama. Somehow...I doubt it. Barack Obama is LYING to his followers and they're eating it up. The comments are hilarious... Some of the people can't even form complete sentences. Most of them look forward to socialized medicine. None of them are able to thing logically, apparently.

Link to Sportsmen for Obama

I still don't get what people are seeing in this guy. Rather, I still don't see how they don't see through his horse shit.

Obama, what have you done?

BTW, if you want to comment problem. I won't delete your comments even if they oppose my views, like they do on Obama's site. Well, like they do on MOST liberal leaning sites in general.

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