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Friday, June 13, 2008

Range Report - Man vs. Man 06-12-2008

Last night was Man vs. Man at Oceanside Practical Pistol Club. This was my first time shooting this style of match. There are two identical yet reversed (both people start at the range walls and work in)stages. Two people shoot against each other (not AT each other)in a race for points. The total points per stage is 50 + 5 bonus for finishing first.

I didn't fare so well... I will probably end up getting second to last or so. Either way, it was a learning experience. Hopefully I can progress and get a little better every time. We shoot this one once a month.

AND I had zero malfunctions. So, taking down the firing pin assembly and blowing ALL of the oil out of EVERY crevice and only lightly oiling a few key contact points seemed to be the key.

Here are my runs:

DJK - Man on Man match 06-12-2008 Iron Sights from Dan K on Vimeo.

Here are everyones runs... (Most of them)

Man vs Man at Iron Sights OPPC - 06-12-2008 from Dan K on Vimeo.

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