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Friday, June 13, 2008

Those that pander to the ones they're afraid of

Like a kid whose lunch money has been beaten out of him, Joe Salzone seems to be offering up his milk and cookies.

This guy has a show on Sirius Radio Ch. 110. I am forced to listen to it on the way home from the office because for whatever reason they stopped playing Ron Silver's repeat in that slot.

This guy, in all honesty, is an English Teacher's wet dream. His voice is pre pubescent but his vocabulary is Jeffersonian. But....don't take the nod to Jefferson as though Joe follows Thom's ideas. On his website is a banner, that banner reads, "I support Ron Paul, but I'm voting for Barack Obama." What on this grizzly green earth does that mean? Please see my comments to him at

Joe Salzone: The end hath come

These comments came after I wrote this on his Channel 110 forum page here

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