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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toronto Mayor closes shooting ranges

Toronto Mayor David Miller closes two shooting ranges. He's as anti gun as they get. He thinks that us shooters are actually criminals in good guy clothing.
He believes that closing the doors on law abiding shooting sportsmen and women that he will somehow stop crime. That's like saying that if you close the doors on preschools that kids will stop shitting their pants... That's funny....because that's just what David Miller is doing...shitting his pants.

Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA) Executive Director Tony Bernardo stated, “If war is what David Miller wants, war is what he’ll get. But he needs to remember, there is one of him and two million of us.” He added, “Mayor Miller has been slandering us for years, calling us “so-called law abiding gun owners” and accusing sport shooters of 'fuelling Toronto’s drug and gang problems.' “Miller is lying to the people of Toronto because he lacks the courage to deal with Toronto’s real crime problems.”

here's a link to the press release from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

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