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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Arrogance of Obama: a List of 23 Acts of Hypocrisy

The Arrogance of Obama: a List of 23 Acts of Hypocrisy - From Http://
# 23 Condemns religious intolerence; fails to condemn his Church in June 2007 when it publishes,"Jews invented a bomb that killed only blacks and Arabs"...that month he introduces his pastor at a conference as a "great leader"

# 22 Condemns Republicans in state senate for putting their careers ahead of their constituents by not backing a bill he proposed and voting "present": Obama votes "present" 140 times

# 21 Condemns mainstream Americans who "cling to their religion"; touts the devoutness of his own Christianity

# 20 Claims he wants an "open and vigorous debate"; Obama is silent while his surrogates try to delete opposition from the internet

# 19 Supports MLK's Dream of a color-blind society; removes two Muslim women wearing jihabs to avoid them being seen on TV at an Obama rally

# 18 Condemns Republicans for ignoring the plight of inner-city residents; Obama ignores desperate plight of residents in his congressional area living in slums built and managed by his friends Slumlords Rezko and Davis

# 17 Announces we should love our country; openly condemns "John Wayne" in favor of "collectivism" (socialism)

# 16 Says "words matter" then secretly sends memo to Canada assuring them his words about NAFTA are only "political manouvering'

# 15 Accuses mainstream Americans of being "bitter" about the country; continually put down the greatness of America; bitterly condemns its inequality; and spouts economic misery

# 14 Calls on Democrats to "show unity" by embracing Clintonites; Obama continues to demean "Mrs" Clinton

# 13 Tells Russert in Jan 06, there should be an "Enforcer of lobbying and ethical rules"; Obama bought land in January 06 from his corrupt major donor, Rezko

# 12 Condemns his opponents alleged temper by failing to stop a whispering campaign; Obama's temper tantrums led to least two fights, one in Senate

# 11 Condemns Imus for promoting a racial "stereotype that hurt his daughters;" Obama speaks at rally where the band Nappy Roots raps about "hos"

# 10 Condemns Clinton for not making all her records public; refuses to disclose ANY of his records from 8 years in State Senate

# 9 Condemns people who run for office when "they're not ready"; admits wont be ready to run for President in 2008 and yet runs

# 8 Condemns exclusionary "closed door" meetings; meets privately with the top Iman in the USA

# 7 Condemns sexists who put down women; chronically refers to female professionals as "sweetie"

# 6 Condemns his opponents for refusing to let every vote count; refuses to allow Democrats in Florida and Michigan to have a voice in the Primary

# 5 Condemns politicians who accept money from lobbyists; Obama accepts far more money than other candidates from corporations and lobbyists

# 4 Condemns American SUV drivers for causing Global Warming; drives a gas-guzzling Hemi V8 Sedan

# 3 Condemns $10,000 a plate fundraisers; holds a $33100 a plate fundraiser

# 2 Condemns Clintons in leaked memo to media for relationship with ethically-challenged donor; accepts his $10,000,000 pledge after beating Clinton

# 1 Condemns racists while pursuing a blatantly racist campaign strategy built around his "waking up Black America" and securing its 93% block vote

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