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Saturday, July 12, 2008

First lots of .45 reloads.....Range Report

Ok... Tonight (at the range) kinda sucked... I went to the Gun Show today and bought stuff to reload .45 (bullets, primers and powder - I had brass). So, when I got home I was all stoked to get a bunch done. I decided to start at the lowest load that Hodgdon's recommended which was 4.3. Anyway, I couldn't get my damned powder measure to throw 4.3 but got it to throw 4.5 and figured it would be fine. So, I loaded three lots of ten at 4.5, 4.8, and 5.1. Cool, done.

All excited I went down to the range (I won't even go into the first 15 minutes wherein I couldn't get my cable lock off - anger ensued) and loaded up the 4.5 lot. First round, BANG, bulls eye. NICE. Second round, plick..... ? uh, tap rack, nothing. Next round won't seat. So, instead of pointing my gun at my face to see what the hell was wrong, I broke it down and voila! a bullet stuck in the barrel. Feeling a little lame at my inexperience I packed up and went out to the shop to seek some expert advice from Andrew. "Ooooh you got yourself a squib". [b] Ok...[/b] "you didn't have any powder in your case". [b]Great.[/b] So, he took the time to hook a brotha up and knocked the bullet out. Back to lane 18.

I decided not to fire anymore from the first lot (4.5) as I didn't want to go through that again, and moved onto the 4.8 lot. The 4.8 lot was great except for one dead primer. I'm not sure how often primers just don't work, but I hope it's about 1:2000. The 5.1 seemed to be about the same. The holes in the paper looked about the same, whereas the hole from the one round of 4.5 seemed to have struggled through the paper. So, I guess that means that the 4.8 is just right. Right?

I think I can get into this stuff.


mike's spot said...

your measure must have skipped a throw of powder for that first lot.

depending on what kind of press your using will dictate what the easiest way to confirm powder in each case is.

squibs happen, some people will tell you 'I've reloaded for 30 years and never had a squib'

well thats great for them, but for the rest of us, a wooden dowel or a brass rod to knock out the occasional oops is all you need.

as for dead primers- you gun might not like the brand. some primers are harder than others, but for the most part, it is very rare to have non-functional primers. . . so no worries.

another thing is to confirm your seating your primers all the way- if you don't have them seated fully, they absorb a lot of the force from the firing pin by finishing the seating then striking the anvil to ignite the primer.

DJK said...

Thanks Mike. I use a single stage. Now, I check my loading block to see that all of my cases are charged before resting a bullet in them before seating. I was too new and never even thought about checking the cases for powder. Lame, now I know.

I visually inspect each primer after I seat it as I'm placing it into the loading block.

DJK said...

BTW, after that day at the range, I put aside all of my 4.8 grn charges. there were about 10 of them. Of those ten I opened about four empty rounds. I'm glad I didn't just put them through for good measure.

mike's spot said...

we all start somewhere. I still get squibs in my 38s- its just a pain to get a good look in those tall cases with short powder stacks.

Sorry if I dragged up an old thread.

DJK said...

No sweat Mike... I'm only a month or so into reloading...

mike's spot said...

its a great hobby. A lot of the blogs I frequent are newer reloaders, or just considering the plunge. I've been at it for a few years- 3 or 4? somewhere in there I think. it was a necessity to be able to afford shooting and college for me. Then I continued in college and got even more 'broke' and had to start casting.

its a great extension of a hobby when you can't always find time to make things go 'bang'.

That single stage will suit you well.

DJK said...

I'm with ya.... we can't spend ALL of our time at the range. I enjoy reloading because it gives me a better understanding of how everything works. Plus I can hang out in the garage with my dog and my ipod and reload away...