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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Anti-NRA Mayor

Quote of the Day
from Snowflakes in Hell by Sebastian

From the Mayor of San Francisco:

“[NRA is against] anything that restricts the opportunity for a guy who gets cut off in traffic from pulling out a hand gun and almost assassinating an entire family, as was the case a few days ago in San Francisco, where three people were gunned down. That somehow that is appropriate and wonderful and that person celebrated his freedom to carry a loaded pistol.”

It should be noted that the illegal immigrant who murdered the family had two prior felony convictions. But according to Mayor Newsom, it’s NRA’s fault. It’s not his fault, for running a city that’s incapable of controlling crime. It’s not the State of California’s fault, for making sure everyone except felons is appropriate disarmed from protecting themselves. It’s certainly not the federal government’s fault for a failed immigration policy. Nope, it your fault. It’s my fault. It’s anyone’s fault except for the people who’s fault it actually is. It’s like a two year old who blames his little brother for breaking the expensive china.

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