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Monday, July 21, 2008

Sharing Kombucha with friends...

So.... The people at my office think I'm a pretty strange individual due to some of my tastes. One of those tastes is Kombucha tea. One of those people just heard about the possible medical benefits of Kombucha from a third party. Now, after telling me that the SCOBY looked like "whale blubber floating in pee", she wants to get started in brewing her own. I'm not one to begrudge anyone once they "come around" so I am bringing her a sample bottle and a SCOBY. I look forward to hearing about her 'brewing' experience...


This is what changed her mind:
Suggestion Four: Kombucha, the Amazing Mushroom Tea

Years ago the Russian government sent a team of investigators to check out why the residents of an area in Manchuria were cancer free. The people of this area also regularly lived to be over 100 years of age. After a two year study, the investigators attributed the longevity and good health of these people to a yeast enzyme tea called Kombucha. It had been part of their diet for hundreds of years. Now the use of Kombucha is spreading like wildfire in the United States.

In an April, 1995 issue of US Today newspaper, an article about Kombucha tea stated that five to six million Americans were drinking Kombucha tea daily. I am sure that this number of Kombucha drinkers has grown since then. It is inexpensive, I find it

fun to make, and most people enjoy the taste. I keep several one gallon "sun tea" jars of Kombucha brewing at all times. I keep the jars prominently sitting on my kitchen counter, where they become a conversation piece for my visitors.

During an August 1995 showing of the TV program Entertainment Tonight which covered Kombucha, it was mentioned that the Hollywood stars Cher, Susan Sarandon, Martin Landau, Meg Ryan, and Linda Evans were all Kombucha drinkers. In

addition, Anjelica Huston, Lily Tomlin, Morgan Fairchild, and Rita Coolidge are said to be Kombucha fans. It is reported that Kombucha cleanses the blood, stops cancer, increases energy levels, reverses hardening of the arteries, reduces high blood

pressure, boosts T-cell counts, removes wrinkles, thickens the hair, and relieves headaches. Studies in California report that HIV patients drinking Kombucha do not progress into Aids. Other testimonials state that it reverses graying hair, stops PMS,

reverses the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and shrinks prostates.

Kombucha is known to provide the liver with glucuronic acid, a substance which the liver uses to detoxify our bodies. In this manner, Kombucha helps the liver to perform its critical function of "binding up" toxic substances so they can be carried away

by the blood and dispelled from our bodies.

Kombucha is fun to make, tastes great, is cheap, and if you take it daily, you too may live to become 100 years old!

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