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Monday, August 11, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama wants to fix your soul....

Michelle Obama talking at UCLA with Hugh Hewitt analysis of seven snippets of her blatant un-American agenda
"In 2008 we're still too divided and living in isolation, we don't know our neighbors., we don't realize that we're ALL in pain..we're too cynical"
"Don't get sick in America"
"Things are getting progressively worst throughout my lifetime...from 1965 onwards"
"Our souls are broken....government is coming to fix your soul"
"Only Obama can heal this Nation"
"Other candidates (McCain/Clinton) cant claim the same commitment to the American people as Obama who organized a South Side community in Chicago"
"Barack is brilliant per Oprah"
"Barack will not let you do nothing,,,he's gonna make you work...he will demand you leave your homes"

What the hell is a community organizer and why does it make someone ready to be president?


Mike W. said...

Is this the same "soul fixing" I discussed here?

If so I can't wait to watch the actual videos. Can't watch them here at work.

marry said...

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