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Friday, August 15, 2008

Collegiate Shooting is Safer than Cheerleading...

16,000:0 Cheerleading has 16,000 injuries per year.... Shooting sports....ZERO.

a href="">From Black Fork Blog

Story today on womens sports injuries in cheerleading reveals a startling rate of injuries, both catastrophic, permanant and fatal, with most injuries at the College level. The injury and death rate is higher for cheerleading than football. Baseball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis and golf also very risky.

16,ooo injuries a year to women in cheerleading. No, I did NOT put too many zeros on that.

The rate for collegiate competitive shooting? Zero. What do you think the injury rate for shooting pistols with Breda is? It's in NEGATIVE numbers.

That's as in: none. Null. Less than .000%

For heavens sake get your kid into a Junior State Rifle team program pronto! Or at least 4-H! Any kid with an assault rifle, a smallbore pistol and several hundred rounds of ammo is safer than some girl with braces and pom-poms! Give them sunblock and some hi-cap mags. Forget those tennis raquets and softball gloves!

Remember the Kid? First time TSRA Junior shooter at Camp Perry. 10 days with a couple thousand heavily armed people around him. Came home without a scuff and learned to run his own firing point and target. He was safer than he was at home riding around the neighborhood on a skateboard. That's the ticket, right there.

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