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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Energy Solution - Hot Air

Harness all the hot air from the liberals of america....starting with the DNC. Just put big windmills at each door and ceiling vent so that all the hot air that is escaping that building gets used. We could become independent of ALL other energy with all that gas...

Windmills at the Democratic Convention
from The Liberty Sphere by D. Martyn Lloyd-Morgan

I have often said with regard to the present debate on oil drilling here at home that we cannot 'wind-blow' our way out of the present energy crisis. This, of course, is in response to those who claim that by placing windmills all over creation we can drum up sufficient energy to meet all of America's needs.

It would seem I am going to have to modify my stance on this issue just a tad.

With all of the hot air and wind bags at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, a few well-placed windmills could harness all of that air and wind, producing sufficient energy to meet America's needs for the next several centuries.

Obviously when I said we can't wind-blow our way out of the energy problem, I had not considered the gathering of blow-hards at the DNC.

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