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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fat ass murderer complains about his execution

I'm just going to copy The Munchkin Wrangler's entire post here. He said about exactly what I would have said. Why do we give these bags of shit any consideration whatsoever? I have a friend who, in his world, Walt World, would give them three days. Once they were sentenced to death they'd have three days to run DNA tests to make sure he's the real guy. Then, three rounds center mass. Cremate him. If anyone wants his ashes, they pay for the cremation and receive the ashes. Done deal. And I agree. If there are multiple eye witnesses and you're convicted to death, BYE BYE, DIE. Why must we pay for these animals to sit in air conditioned cells lifting weights, doing drugs, playing games, etc etc etc??? Did their victims get to do that??? NO, they got to DIE after being raped or whatever. How does this guy's attorney sleep at night?

David Codrea touches on this too
So does Ahab

want some slim-fast with that injection?

from the munchkin wrangler. by Marko

Here’s something to piss you off first thing in the morning:

Death row inmate says he’s too fat to be executed.

He says that his weight makes it difficult for the executioner to find a vein, and his lawyers argue that his seizure medication may have created a resistance to Thiopental, the fast-acting barbiturate used to induce unconsciousness before the heart-stopping drugs are injected. They say that “if the first drug doesn’t work, the execution is going to be excruciating.”

As excruciating as, say, getting raped and then killed?

I have the perfect solution for that worthless piece of filth: a 1,500-calorie diet combined with a workout schedule that involves pounding rocks from sunrise to sundown, until he’s at the normal weight for his height…and then strap him to the gurney and turn his lights off.

When rapists and murderers get more consideration and humanity than they gave their victims, to the point of getting quality healthcare on taxpayer dime, a sedentary lifestyle, and enough food to become obese while in prison, then something’s a bit off with our system of justice, because that ain’t. He got his day in court and his public defender, and he was allowed his mandated appeals. Why in Hades’ name is he not only sucking down air, but thumbing his nose at the rest of us by spending our money on a legal team? Why does he get to stall the process by claiming that it would just be too inhumane for him to be in pain when he dies? Did he give any such consideration to the two young women he raped, strangled, and stabbed?

In a perfect world, he would have gotten two rounds center mass by his intended victims twenty years ago. Sadly, we still let our public servants get away with keeping the streets safe for scum like Richard Cooey by disarming the law-abiding and pretending that it makes the world a safer place. (Note that he didn’t need a gun to dominate, violate, and kill two women, despite the fact that he’s not exactly a hulking beast at 5′7″.)

That’s how you end up with murderers getting obese in jail and then whining about how it would just be too “inhumane” to be put to sleep like a family pet. People like that don’t know the meaning of the word, and he’s been afforded much more of it than he’s ever shown to anyone else. Now it’s time to pay the ferryman.

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