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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A friend who has forgotten liberty/freedom....

A neighbor friend of mine has been misled. He has fallen into the "hopechange" trap. I sent out an email about "The Failure of Gun Control" And this is what he sent back.

His First Response

Please do email me blog with a list of ignorant people who post there republican views

these are the facts
1. If you ever voted for Bush your not very smart and you are apart of the problem.
2. The world hates the US and that needs to Change
3. Everyone talks about Obama and the lack of experience but McCain has been in the senate for 20 yrs and he has Changed shit, he's part of the problem.
4.I know your probably going to vote for someone like Bob Barr or Ron Paul and that just shows your cluelessness.
5. I'm a veteran of a foreign war and i have seen first hand the governments bullshit the wasteful spending on shit we don't need and the lack of shit we do need that needs to Change.
6. We don't need anymore guns they said for years that it was our right but our right was to bear arms not until recently has it changed to firearms. THIS IS THE WRONG KIND OF CHANGE WE NEED.
7. Obama is someone new and someone this country needs when people post dumb shit like is what on that blog it just pisses me off.
8. Also when a guy shoots and kills two people in there back for robbing their neighbor's house and doesn't get convicted, that's wrong.
9. This country is shit and needs to change and why do I stay because I fought for it and I've earned the right to stay. It's so to complain about shit and not be einvolved with anything.
10. I,m voting for Obama because I don't want my kids to go to Iraq. I don't want my kids to think that going to war on credit is the way to go running up debt with countries like China. I don't even want have kids cause future looks bleak and that's because of Bush politics.

My response:

1. Voting for someone doesn't make you smart or dumb. Making personal attacks gets us nowhere and is purely emotional. Emotions are what is fueling Obama's campaign and little else.

2. I don't really care what the world thinks. We can survive without the world. That's the beauty of the US....we could be entirely self sufficient.

3. McCain isn't the answer to all of our problems....just the Obama problem.

4. Cluelessness is not realizing that Ron Paul stands for Freedom and Liberty for the people, just like the founding fathers. Again, making personal attacks gets us nowhere and is purely emotional.

5. The "Change" you speak of is emotional, not realistic. Let's get some REAL goals other than, "CHANGE". that's just one word.

6. We DO need more guns. Guns make people safe. That report that I sent proves just that. We need less government oppression. More freedom (like used to have) What we DON'T need more of is criminals on the streets. We need to fix our CRIMINAL problem...not our "gun problem". If you remember, guns are what gave us freedom in the beginning. Freedom from British government oppression. I'm not sure what you mean by "recently" but we've been bearing FIREARMS to protect home, family, and self for over 200 years.

7. Dumb shit like what? I don't know which blog you mean. Just peoples' ideas aren't in line with yours doesn't make them dumb, just different. Liberals are so quick to make ad hominem attacks that they forget to judge the content...the real issue. The blogs I read are mostly of libertarian and real conservative ideals. I don't see how Freedom and Liberty are dumb shit.

8. First....that's ONE guy out of 350 million. So, that's hardly anything less than a strawman argument. Second, I think it sends a good message to the shitbags of the world...if you want to steal my might get shot. We need to do more of that....telling shitholes that their crimes won't be tolerated. What is done in most states now is to let them know that they'll get off easy with little or no sentence whatsoever and to keep on keepin' on.

9. This country, even in it's current state, is still the best country in the world. It's the one that more people flock to every year to flee oppression and whatever else. So, I'd say you're least in the eyes of all of those people, and me. I'm complaining....that's my involvement. I write to congress and the senate. I let these politicians know what I think of their policies. I buy stock in companies who work on alternative fuel solutions. I am involved. I write and reach out to people. I try to spread a message of Freedom and Liberty, the things out country was founded on....not welfare and socialism. The beauty of America is that you don't have to earn the right to stay. You just stay...for an example look at all the 10-20 million illegal immigrants that are here. Many of them haven't earned shit....but they stay.

10. It's your right to vote for whomever you choose....for whichever reasons. But if that reason is that our country is "shit" because of "Bush Politics" then you're way off base. Remember, he's only been in office for 7 years. He couldn't have had enough influence to have crushed America into "shit". You can easily go back and look at all the people who have started wars.....almost all are democrats. If you want your kids (or whoever's kids) to not have a bleak future, Obama's the wrong guy. The spending under Obama will almost double. The problem with that is he's not going to collect enough tax to cover that spending...ending in more deficit.

The problem with the groupies that are oohing and aaahing over Obama is that they just aren't really paying attention to anything other than his pretty looks and his fancy pre written speeches. This guy is as fiscally liberal as they get. He will spend us into a bigger whole than any war. He is the most liberal politician in Washington. He has been praised by the Communist Party USA and keeps company with militant crazies and terrorists. That should really make people think. But, you might just not know that if you watch the news....they've really yet to talk about his bad stuff....only HOPECHANGE. Just two words. People are just taking him at his word....without looking into what he's saying. They/you are just being led. Hell, if you want a good for McCain.

His Response:
From what you write it seems like you know whats going on but, didn't you vote for BUSH in 2000, come one now. People need to come out of the dark and look to the future. What is it that makes Obama a problem, is it the fact that people see greatness in him and want to follow him like Robert and John F Kennedy or is his speeches too good like Martin Luther King. Those men were loved by people in this country and hated by people with your same views you've never been to war, you've never lead men into battle or lead anyone at all, you never been on welfare you never been called racist names growing up.So what do you really know about this country and who needs to lead it. I lead over 30 men in Iraq and now I lead 20 men at the [PLACE OF BUSINESS] and I'm a good leader and good leader recognize great leaders and Obama will be a great leader.

My Response:

I've never voted for Bush. You ASSUME I voted for Bush because I'm pro gun. And maybe because I'm white. But, I never voted for Bush. Bush is no friend to Liberty but he has done a couple good things. Now, a couple good things in 8 years isn't very good. So, as he's a lame duck, we don't need to talk about him.

Now, if the problem with Obama was "greatness" and that's the problem I had with him....Yes, I'd be dumb. I don't see greatness though. I see someone who changes his views constantly. I see someone who emasculates our great country to garner support from other countries (Germany, et al). I see a pretty face in tight jeans but not much else. Obama wishes to socialize America. We've seen in the past that socialism DOES NOT WORK. Obama wishes to boost government programs, thus growing government to a size we've never seen before. Freedom/Liberty comes from less government and the ability to be left alone. If I want to use oil, let me. He proposes to have the country off oil in ten's impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, alternative energy is a good idea....but so is getting out from the fingers of OPEC and drilling for our own oil. Obama proposes to "fix our soul". WTF right does the government have to my soul??? NONE. As much as you will hate to....go through my blog and read my posts about Obama. You might even see some stuff you agree with.
YES, we need some "change". But, is giving our terrorists in captivity the same constitutional rights as you and I have the change we need?? We've forgotten how to be Americans amidst all this division and bickering. Even though we don't think alike, we have things in common...Like, being American. Your father came from an oppressive African regime. I'm sure being free in America is the biggest gift he's ever been given. But that's all we be free. The rest is up to us, individually. In times past, if a man didn't work get his food (hunt/gather)....he starved, but he was free. Freedom is just that....the right to build wealth and prosper....or to die a lonely miserable poor death. That is freedom. Freedom isn't having someone else buy my food. Freedom isn't having someone else buy my medicine. Why? Because SOMEONE has to do the paying...and that means that their freedoms have been infringed upon.

I am sure that America is ready for a black president and there are many highly respected and imminently qualified to assume the office, I don't believe that Obama is one of them though. It wouldn't matter if he was Korean, Hispanic, black or white, he and what he believes in are not going to be good for Americans of any race.

I don't wish to take away from your service to our great nation in ONE BIT. You served, that's awesome and I offer you thanks for doing so. But, think about what you served served to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and Obama wants to trample it. I don't need to lead men or have lead men to tell you what I can see in front of my eyes. Hell, by that measure, you'd be voting for McCain anyway. He was a commissioned officer who lead all sorts of people. Also, he has actually sponsored/written bills that have become law. I don't necessarily agree with some of them, but they exist. What has Obama done?

"Obama has done little to help blacks. Obama claims to care about poor blacks, but he has a dismal record. He promises to raise the minimum wage, but he voted against the minimum wage bill that was finally passed in Congress. Obama was a “community organizer” in Chicago. If his messianic message of “Hope” and “Change” is so powerful, why are poor blacks in Chicago still poor? Socialism does not work." - Page 6

How do you know I've never been on welfare??? How do you know my parents didn't struggle and toil for our food? As I remember it, my parents worked their ass off to put food on our table, but if they ever had to get some welfare or assistance or whatever they never told me, that would have been shameful to them so they never told me. Now, I understand that you might have gotten assistance, and then your mom worked her ass off to bring you up out of that. That's great...that's why it's there. But there are millions of people of all races/creeds that abuse that system. Again, assumptions are usually emotional and get us nowhere.

Actually, I did get called names and what not. I lived in an area that was especially Korean. They spoke Korean around I don't know what they were saying. Maybe good, maybe bad. I don't know, but it was definitely alienating. My dad moved his family from Long Beach because they were being threatened by the local thugs/gangsters....because they're white. So, it happens everywhere to lots of people. Don't do yourself the disservice of thinking/assuming that you're the only one. I think it should be something people (of all races) should strive to overcome and rise above...not use as a crutch. Now, I am not presuming to have had the same amount of racism cast my direction and I fully understand the plight of blacks in American history. I don't wish to downplay that at all. But, we're all freemen now and we should all strive to be the best, freest, most liberty enjoying Americans we can. And that means voting against Obama. Just because he promises "Change" doesn't mean it's going tobe change we need/want.

I think the difference between the people you mentioned and Obama is principle. Obama lacks principle. He'll tell you that shit is blue if it will get him elected.

Besides.....MLK was a republican.

Just my thoughts...

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