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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good luck on that eating thing....

Now Mrs. Obama and her party say that the "rest of us" will have to give up a little more so there can be more for those that "don't have". I was getting a hair cut while out of town and the person cutting said she was voting for Obama because then she'd have "free day car for my kids and free health care for my kids". (she had multiple kids with various fathers I gathered from the pictures and her conversation). I replied "great. . now who is going to PAY for that day care and health care?"

She looked puzzled.

I replied "I AM. So that will mean I won't get a $50 haircut, I'll get a $11 haircut somewhere else, and less often, and forget the highlights and all the rest, I won't be able to afford it any more with the increase in my taxes. So will most of your customers. So you'll make half the money and won't have money for gas to work. But Obama will get you free health care. Good luck on the eating thing"

Here's her entire post. It's WELL worth a read.
From Mausers and Muffins
From Mausers and Muffins
From Mausers and Muffins

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