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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Harboring criminal illegals...

This is the same crap that's going on in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

From Second City Cop

* Hispanic aldermen are demanding to know why 59 Chicago motorists with Latino surnames have been arrested for traffic violations and other misdemeanors recently only to land in jail because somebody tipped Immigration and Customs Enforcement in violation of the city's "sanctuary" ordinance.
* The Chicago Police Department has already investigated 30 of the recent cases and absolved police officers of responsibility. Twenty-nine other cases have yet to be investigated by Police Superintendent Jody Weis, who has assured Hispanic aldermen during private meetings that he would suspend or terminate any officer who violates the city's ordinance.

As you can see, Police are being ordered NOT to enforce the law of the land. We can only assume this is another one of those rules that Mara Georges insists doesn't apply to Chicago because:

* US Supreme Court decisions only apply to Washington DC;
* therefore, United States Laws only apply to Washington DC.

We certainly look forward to the day when the People's Republic of Chicago rejoins the United States of America.

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