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Thursday, August 14, 2008

See what the NBRA thinks of Obama...

So, in emailing back and forth with my neighbor, I did a little research. My research was about Martin Luther King being a Republican. I wonder if my friend knows that. If not, he does now. Anyway, I found the website of the National Black Republican Association. They have a newsletter called, "Which Candidate is best for African Americans?" and it's about Obama vs McCain.

Here's the Newsletter

"Obama has done little to help blacks. Obama claims to care about poor blacks, but he has a dismal record. He promises to raise the minimum wage, but he voted against the minimum wage bill that was finally passed in Congress. Obama was a “community organizer” in Chicago. If his messianic message of “Hope” and “Change” is so powerful, why are poor blacks in Chicago still poor? Socialism does not work."

"We need the right president, not just a black president."

"● All Americans received tax cuts under
Bush’s tax cut plan—108 million average
families received $2,500. Over 3.8 million
more poor people were freed from the tax
rolls entirely, and poor blacks received an
additional gift of $1,000 per child plus $1,658
per family under the Earned Income Tax
Credit program. “Tax cuts for the rich” is a
deceptive Democratic Party talking point."

There are MANY more like this. I highly recommend you read it...

Here's the Newsletter again


GunGeek said...

A couple of years ago, I took the time to go through the Congressional voting records to see how the two parties voted on all the various civil rights laws. In almost every single example, the civil rights laws were written by Republicans, passed by Republicans, and signed into law by Republicans. Usually with very significant Democrat Party opposition.

Now I just have to find where I consolidated all the figures...

So far, all I found was my document on how the 1964 civil rights act
voting went:

How did the parties vote?

House: R 138-34 in favor 80%
D 152-96 in favor 61%

Senate: R 33-6 in favor 85%
D 67-21 in favor 76%

Overall: R 171-40 in favor 81%
D 219-136 in favor 62%

So, it was 81% of the Republicans voting for it and only 62% of the Democrats. The other laws (voting rights, Constitutional Amendments, etc) were usually even more skewed. How the Democratic Party can be so dishonest as to proclaim themselves as the party that cares about the minorities is shameful. And the media doesn't call them on it.

I think the Republican Party should start putting up billboards in areas with a lot of Blacks that say things like

Q: Which party wrote the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
A: The Republicans.

Don't let the Democrats lie to you about being your friend.

They could go on and on and on listing who wrote it, who passed it, who signed it into law, etc. List famous civil rights leaders and their party affiliation, ask which party the founders of the KKK belonged to, etc, etc.

At least give them some facts to help shape their opinion of the party.

DJK said...

Hey, thanks for a great comment. The problem is that if the Repubs start putting up billboards....they'll be called racists even in the face of the fact that they're trying to expose the racism of the left.