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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What have we taken from our children? - A story by BOAB

This is a great story...about over protecting our children to the point of helplessness.

Growing up on a farm, guns were always around. My dad wasn't a shooter, they were just tools like the saws or the International H tractor. It was time to disc a field, so hook up the H. It was time to shoot some woodchucks, so take the Marlin with you. I learned to drive the tractor the same year I learned to carry the rifle. They were tools.... to be used.

I also had a farm pond to play in, but never drowned. Snapping turtles and bull frogs shared the pond with me, as well as some boyhood friends. There was a stream along the edge of the farm too.... maybe twelve feet wide and full of trout. Slippery rocks and deep pools were the norm.... and we all survived on our wits alone without a single adult warning us away.

Go read the rest and check out the pics. It's a GREAT post.

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