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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Author faces a decade in prison for possessing guns.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Prolific writer Peter Manso, author of, among other books, biographies of Norman Mailer and Marlon Brando, has been indicted on a dozen firearms charges by a Massachusetts grand jury and faces years in prison.
Did he brandish a gun in public? Threaten a neighbor with a drive-by shooting?

No, the guns were all stored, quite securely, in his locked and alarmed home. In fact, police discovered the weapons only when they responded to a burglar alarm while the writer was away. Either the guns were in plain view -- evidence that Manso expected no legal trouble for their possession -- or else, as Manso's attorney alleges, "Truro police searched Manso's house illegally while responding to the alarm." (The Times of London reports they were "in a cupboard.")

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SunSpotBaby said...

Anyone who doesn't think we live in a police state needs to read about Peter Manso. When I was 55 years old a decade or so ago, two cops pushed their way into my home and into my BEDROOM, threatened to "throw me into a cell with a couple of niggers - and wouldn't THEY have fun" and took MY gun which was locked up unloaded and separate from the bullets just because I swore at my soon-to-be ex-husband on the phone for leaving me in the lurch with our 27-acre country home and property and pond without giving me any instructions on how to take care of all of it before he ran off to Florida with his girlfriend.