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Monday, September 22, 2008

Cop In The Hood thinks that Guns=Crime

But...that's because the report he read was for crime stats for only 2007. In that short amount of time just about anything could have an affect on crime. So, yeah, guns in the hands of bad guys does probably equal crime. But, guns in the hands of good guys (law abiding citizens) usually means less crime. Like 31.3% less in nine years in Florida.

Go have a read and leave a comment or two, like I did. ;)

Mind you, I really like this guy's blog. He's got great ideas on the decriminalization of drugs, but he is Harvard educated and has a twinge of the libtard in him. But, he signed on as a cop for a while and seems to have a streak of self-reliance in him. But it does seem that he hasn't really had a deep look at gun rights in America and what they mean, especially in terms of crime.

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