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Monday, September 8, 2008

Excuse me? Your what faith? Which one is it??

Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. talks about his Muslim faith:


Anonymous said...

racist moron.

Anonymous said...

your link to the mother of all blogs, is going to cut it? you only wish you could get 2500 commments. too bad you're a stupid ass trying to make someone look so bad. At least the liberal blogs just show how decrepit McCain is and how naive and idiotic Palin's religious zealotry is.

Repeating last comment, you are a racist moron.

DJK said...

What the hell makes me a racist??

My link to what is going to cut what? He's doing a fine job of making his own self look bad.

Anonymous said...

you're the worst kind of racist because you don't even understand that you are.

DJK said...

Aren't the worst kind the ones that murder and rape someone just because of their race?

Wouldn't you be so kind as to explain my racism please?