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Friday, September 5, 2008

A post that speaks to my thoughts on politics in general.

Here is just a tidbit. IT's a fairly long post...probably an 8-10 minute read. But it's good and worth the time.

So... Gun control doesn't work, yet they insist on pushing for more, more, more. One or more of several factors are in play here.

1. They thrive on ignorance. One need look no further than Carolyn McCarthy "answering" the question of what a barrel shroud is to see that they have no fucking clue what they're banning. What's the functional difference between three 10 round magazines and one 30 round magazine? Nothing. Not a fucking thing. Maybe 1-2 seconds, tops. Define a "Saturday Night Special".

'Nuff said.

2. They purposefully and routinely embellish, obfuscate, and otherwise outright lie their asses off every time their lips move. How many times were "assault weapon" and "machine gun" used interchangeably in the months preceding the 1994 ban? How many times has the completely bogus statistic of being "43 times more likely to be shot with your own gun" been used (and immediately debunked)? How many times do we have to find out that "children" killed by gunfire includes adults up to the age of 23 to make the statistics?

3. They appeal to emotion and feelings rather than logic. Put up a grieving mother whose son was gunned down in a gangland drive-by gone wrong, who could possibly argue against her impassioned cries to prevent another family from being devastated by gun violence? A police officer senselessly gunned down in a routinely traffic stop makes a sensational anchor for an assault weapons ban - never mind that it's about as statistically relevant as the police officers killed when their doors opened and the door-mounted seat-belt ejected them from the car...

Wow, and then another one... THis one falls right in line, too. I once, if you can believe it, sort of supported Obama.

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