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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quote of the Day - Hippie Style

If Obama loses–and it is still a big ‘if’–too many liberals will fail to heed the message that voters have been sending them since 1981. Seventy percent of the country is tired of 1960s liberalism. Indeed many find the hippie vision frightening: A country too ashamed of itself to fight its enemies, too unsure of itself to praise its own history,govern its children or corral its criminals,and too resentful of the rich to allow the economy to make more of them.

It’s too bad 70 percent is not an accurate number. If it were, the hippies would have been defeated long ago. That our country is so polarized, and the hippie vision still has so many adherents, is evidence that we still have a fight on our hands… a big ‘if’, indeed. Way too many of our fellow citizens see nothing wrong with the vision of a big nanny government, socialist cartoon dream world, where the U.S. is just another uninspired, nonexceptional, effete player on the world stage. It has nothing to do with which candidate is too old, or who is black, or which woman is the ‘correct’ woman.

Yes, it’s too bad that 70 percent is not accurate. Can you even imagine how great this country could be if it was?!

From BillH

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