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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Regarding the Palin Email thing....a Liberal's response...

Hypocrisy. It's amazing to me how someone can say that someone DESERVES something that happens to someone else. That Governor Palin DESERVED her privacy to be violated because she was "DUMB" is what my liberal friend "Diane" told me. So I asked whether a woman DESERVES to be raped because of what she's wearing??

The answer is obviously a resounding NO. I understand that ones privacy being violated and rape might seem very different. In fact, I'm sure in a lot of cases the pain and suffering are totally different. But Privacy can also be your stuff in your house or seeing you while you think you're in private. Case and point, there was a guy in Arkansas or some other state who kept sneaking into a woman's house ans stealing her underwear (bras/panties). When she found out, I'm sure she felt HORRIBLE. I'm sure she felt violated. It might have even kept her up at night for days, months or even years. I was burglarized in my home once, while I was there sleeping. I couldn't sleep for a year. I woke up every night. It haunted me. They broke in for my DVD collection. What's more is that when my drapes were open you could see the DVD collection through the window. But, did I DESERVE to be burlarized???

So, the principle is that being violated, in ANY way, is NEVER the victim's fault. So, I find it hard to believe, even moreso that I know she's a rape victim, that a woman would say that someone DESERVED any violation.

Nope - that isn't it, at least for me. Sorry - I swing a little bit more left than you! Palin is not for me and doesn't represent me as a women. I have nothing in common with her nor will I vote for her. Sorry - just being truthful.

Of course you are going to blame the liberals for hacking her email, when in fact it is probably some a-hole that wa... Read Mores bored and not necessarily liberal. Anyone can d it not just liberals.

And if her and her husband were dumb enough to use such simple passwords and such, then they deserve it. Just as any moron using simple ID/passowrd do!

So I replied:

Diane, did you really just say it was their fault? Is it a woman's fault for being raped if she's wearing a low cut top?


"That is so wrong of you to even bring up! You know you are comparing apples to oranges. As a former rape victim, I take deep, deep offense in that comment! I am not afraid to admit it and certainly won't stand for someone comparing a women's body to email hacking!

With that said, we are all smart enough to know better then to use generic or easily cracked passowrds for ATMs and emails. That is common sense. Emails are inatimate and humans have emotions! Learn the difference!

But to reference rape my friend, goes way too far. In fact, that is so out of line and even far fetched. That struck a raw nerve with me and if you knwo anything about me, raw nerves are not something you want to stirke! Unlike Sarah Palin's pitbull with lipstick, I am much meaner and lethal!"


First, how on earth do you know that's how they got into their accounts?

You're saying that since she's DUMB, she deserves her privacy to be crushed, that's HER fault. It's the same as rape or any other personal crime. That they're dressed one way, or talk a certain way, or said certain things, that they're deserving of that crime. This is apples/apples.

How is a person's body any different than a person's privacy? I'd say it's about the same. Either way, you're being violated. That someone, anyone would do that is a violation of her privacy. And then for the liberal blogs and such to spread the info/emails just shows that they have no shame. Sending around pictures of her kids that were in her private email?? Yeah, she deserves it.


OK - if you stop reading conspiracy theory sites and read thereal papers, the writer who cracked the story gives an account of how it was done.

Also, you are neither a women nor have been raped. Give up the reference, admit your wrong and move on.

Email hacking isn't even close to the years of emotional pain, guilt and terror an rape victim feels.

As far as I am concerned, I am over this and will no longer comment on your politics and for that, leave it alone with me.


I'm not wrong. She didn't deserve it, just like you or any other woman doesn't deserve to be raped, no matter what she's wearing or whatever. Also, please tell me who I should be reading. I'd be happy to see how the other side does it. I already read some liberal blogs like They're about as batshit crazy as they get. I welcome a reading list. I'll read and comment accordingly.


Click Me For More Blogs said...

Liberal chicks are hopelessly out of touch with reality. Like these broads:

DJK said...

First, I'm not saying anyone is out of touch with reality (but the people in video are, for sure). I'm talking about saying that someone DESERVED to be violated in any way. Nobody DESERVES that.